Girl Friday dog home boarding and dog walker in and around Scarborough

Girl Friday offers a variety of services for dogs (and their owners!) including dog walking, dog home boarding, pet sitting etc in and around Scarborough.Tel: 07871 278465

My name is Gaye. I am an experienced dog walker and I also offer a range of services to suit you – and your dog’s – needs. Each service can be tailored to your requirements and this would be fully discussed and agreed in advance. Regular or occasional walks offered. No more than four dogs per person are walked together at any time after being assessed as to their compatibility.

I have been in business and working with dogs for over 10 years. I’m passionate about our furry friends and love taking them on a good country walk at every opportunity.

Having owned dogs for many years, I understand that your dog is an important family member and so I strive to keep you updated and in-the know about how your dog’s day or week has been.

I am fully DBS-checked, local authority licensed and insured. 

Examples of services include:
Dog Boarding in my home 
Enjoy your holiday in the safe knowledge that your dog is having a wonderful holiday of his own. Lots of play and walks on the beach and in the countryside. No more guilt having to ask friends and family to help!

Dog Sitting in your home
I will stay in your home and take care of your dog. He will be relaxed and happy in his familiar environment making for a stress free time for him We will put out bins, close and open curtains and generally take care of your property. Light cleaning offered as an extra service.

Dog Walking
Regular or occasional dog walking service. No more than four dogs per person walked together. Individual walks can also be arranged if preferred.

Vet Visits
Should you be unable to take your dog to the vet I can arrange to collect your dog and return him after the appointment with a full report of the visit. 

Drop in Visits
I can visit your home for your dog to have a comfort break, walk, play or company for half hour, hour or more. More than one visit per day if required.

Overnight/Day Care
I can care for your dog overnight or daytime should you have an evening or day out. 


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23 hours ago

Girl Friday Dog Services

Woof Woof
Being a mother is stressful work
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1 day ago

Girl Friday Dog Services

Today, Nell ( who was safely in a down stay out of the way ) was approached by two very young children.

Their parents watched them without a care in the world as the ran over to a strange dog and tried to cuddle it 🤬

So I wanted to put this out there :

1. Never ever let your child approach a dog !
2. Don't let your kids cuddle dogs!

If that was a different dog those kids could have lasting scars on their face, or worse, and it wouldn't have been the dog at fault. I was able to stop them before they reached her this time.

As a parent it is completely your responsibility to ensure your child knows how to behave around dogs.

Dogs are canines and not humans. They do not hug to greet. Have you ever seen a strange dog approach another dog and "cuddle" it ? This is very scary for some dogs are just plain rude for others and is always going to end on trouble.

Teach your children to only pet dogs after you have got permission from the owner and the dog has willingly come over to you. And to pet sensibly, use one hand and definitely no grabbing of ears / tails and no climbing on / over the dog. Better yet, teach older children basic calming signals so they know how to identify an uncomfortable dog.

It's really basic stuff and I am really shocked to find out this is not something all children are taught.

Don't risk it ! 🖤🐾

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